Issue categorized correctly?

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As I was writing my reply to Invalid help message inside interactive help utility · Issue #94466 · python/cpython · GitHub, I realized the issue may be mislabelled as docs.

Any resolution to the issue may involve updating an exception message in the CPython stdlib/Lib/ file.

According to GitHub Labels, changes to modules in Lib fall under the stdlib component label.

I understand that docstrings and code comments in a module in Lib fall under the docs label, but it is unclear to me if error messages do as well.

Please let me know if I have misunderstood. Thanks for reading

Yes, it would seem to me that the issue has more to do with the dynamic behavior/UX of the interactive help routine, rather than directly related to documentation per-say. Therefore, I recategorized it under stdlib.

That being said, I wouldn’t overthink it too much; the label is used for subscribing to notification, sorting issues and at a glance categorization, but it’s not that important in the grand scheme of things.

Best of luck!

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Understood. Thank you!

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