Issue faced while accessing the functions in dll using ctypes

Currently, we are using python 2.7.9 with c-types for accessing the functions written in dll files.

Now, I want to use python 3.7.9 for accessing those dll’s but with c-types I am not able to access those dll functions from it.

Is there any way to access the functionality of the dll files?

Porting from such an old version of Python is non-trivial. You won’t get very much helpful advice from a broad question like this. Have you tried to make Python 3 code that does what you want? What happens? Have you done any research into the DLLs involved? To get any sort of help, you’re almost certainly going to have to post some code, preferably with specifics of what it’s doing and how it’s failing.

We are trying to access EDIABAS api64.dll.

for python 2 we were using api32.dll

We have gone through the .c source code for both the files are same.

Write a small program that does this “access”.
If you cannot get that working post the code here for comment with the output that shows what went wrong.