Issue installing Python on Windows using system or service account


For a while now I have been doing my head in trying to automate Python installation for the team I work for. It installs perfectly with a script if I run it directly on a server but the moment I do it via Jenkins using a servife account or now with GPO and the system account, even with Task Scheduler, it refuses to install properly.
I get Python Launcher showing as installed but not Python. It is as if something is corrupting being installed outside of a normal user.

I have read other similar issues like the following but cannot see any conclusion.

Does anybody know how to install python with a script but via systen account and it actually working?

This similar bug rI found eported was in 2020 and is

Thank you

Can i confirm what you are seeing?
The py.exe is installed?
But python.exe is not installed?
Have you looked in \program files to check this is true?
Is it just that python.exe is not on the PATH?

Hi Barry
I see Python Launcher with today’s date in Control Panel indicating it installed
I still see the ild python version as even that doesn’t seem to uninstall properly when i use the older version and pass the uninstall command to it (via script that runs under system account not mine) the new version is not showing in Control panel at all

If i run script with my user account it all works but if i use system or even a service account and have it do it renotely ot powershell script through gpo or tasks scheduler then i see this behaviour.

Install log files are less in volume also

Exactly what does this mean? What steps do you take to verify the installation; what do you think should happen when you try these steps; and what happens instead?

What do you mean by “showing”, and where does it “show”? What steps do you take to get this display; what do you think it should look like if Python is properly installed; and what does it look like instead?

Can you share your installation options?

You mean In Programs and Features in control panel I assume?

So you only see “Python launcher” and do not see “Python 3.12.1 (64-bit)”?

Are you installing for a user or for the system?

I would try looking over the whole disk for python3.exe

dir /s /b c:\python3.exe

What is in the log files?