Issue number check not work

Seems the issue number checker has some problem. Like, I’ve also encounter the problem in other PRs.

cc @Mariatta @EWDurbin

I do not see any errors in the app that runs the bot or any other reason why this should be failing. @xiangz can you link to any other examples to assist in debugging?

@xiangz Are you trying to click on the issue title for a link? If so, GitHub does not allow links in the issue titles. They are allowed in the issue message.

Aah this might be because the title was changed:

shihai1991 changed the title Fix typo of Py_SET_ERANGE_IF_OVERFLOW in pyport.h bpo-38253: Fix typo of Py_SET_ERANGE_IF_OVERFLOW in pyport.h yesterday

Not sure if the bots can pick up on that.

I believe they are referring to the failing “bedevere/issue-number — No issue # in title or “skip issue” label found” check even though the title has a bpo ticket attached.

It can and does:

I “fixed” the issue by adding the “skip issue” label and then removing it again.

Do understand that since this is all driven by webhooks there are occasional hiccups where GitHub doesn’t deliver a notification, etc. All the bots are open source and have issue trackers so please do open issues as appropriate, but due to networks being networks we really need reproducing steps to fix these sort of things to rule out a network hiccup or to be told within minutes of a problem so we can check the logs (else there is so much going on in our repo it’s near impossible to find the actual webhook action that failed).

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Luckily a found a failure in the logs releated to issue handling:

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