Issues when I install

When I install python 11 or 12, everything work until I try to use pip, and I went to the folder where python.exe is, and I found “Scripts” folder empty, don’t matter if I try to uninstall or repair, pip doesn’t work.

Are you using a virtual environment? That’s highly recommended.

In the future please put the OS name and version you have as well as the Python version. There is no Python 11 or 12, there is 3.11 and 3.12. And 3.13 is coming soon.

I had the same problem with Python 3.11. Do this.

  1. Make sure the Python Scripts folder is in your path. I have a batch file for this in Windows which runs when I open a cmd.exe window. I call my batch file “addpath.bat” and it sets up any paths and environment variables. You can put this in your home directory if you want, on Windows this would be c:\users\YOURNAME.
  2. Now do this: python -m ensurepip --upgrade.

If you still have problems report back and let us know what the exact error was by copying and pasting the error into the forum.

It’s important to describe a problem clearly when asking for help.

What exactly does it mean that pip “doesn’t work”?

Exactly what steps do you take to “try to use pip”?

What happens when you try doing this, and how is that different from what you expected?

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