It shows Variables and other things are not sorted or described properly in the code

This is the Problem
Exact Code
it shows “r” and “audio” is not defined. I’m a beginner and cannot solve this issue as a senior it’s your foremost duty to help me for figuring this problem and for making any solution of this.

Please don’t post images of code. It’s just text - post the text within triple backticks.

Well, is that the whole program? If so, those variables aren’t defined anywhere. You need to define variables before you use them. What values they should be assigned, I don’t know, but that’s for you to know really.


It looks like you are hugely mistaken. It is no one’s duty here to help you. We all here are helping completely voluntarily in our free time.


I’m assuming this is humour. On the Internet, nobody knows who is senior.

I am assuming that this is a homework question.