I've signed up and am a core developer, but -

(Vinay Sajip) #1

I don’t have access to post in Committers, or to view certain messages. Given that the update to “who is a core developer” on this site is currently manual, how often does it happen?

(Zachary Ware) #2

Basically as soon as someone notices your request, you get added :). I’ve just added you to the committers (core developers?) group, though I can’t see how to make you an “owner” like the rest of us.

(Donald Stufft) #3

You can also request it. If you click on the three bars to the left of your User icon, you will see a link that takes you to the Groups that exist on this site. One of those is Committers and you can request membership. You don’t need to do that though since @zware already added you.

(Vinay Sajip) #4

OK, thanks, guys!

(Paul Moore) #5

I seem to be able to post here, but I never requested anything. Do I need to make some sort of request, and if so what will it give me? I seem to have various privileges (e.g., I can read the “Inquisition” topic) but I don’t quite understand what I did to gain that ability.

I guess there’s some sort of reputation thing (like stack overflow) going on (I’ve apparently “Earned” some stuff). But the sort of gamification that SO uses seems a bit confusing here - I don’t really think of contributing to the Python lists as some sort of game :confused:

(Nathaniel J. Smith) #6

I think the mods are currently keeping an eye on new folks joining, and pre-emptively granting permissions to people they recognize. There is some UI for explicitly requesting the permissions, but you don’t need to, because someone already gave them to you :-). I guess that UI will be more useful later once the initial flood of joining is over and the admins aren’t paying as much attention.

(Donald Stufft) #7

Gamification can be a little silly, but the basic idea behind it here is not really to get people to get internet points like on SO, but rather to phase in the powers over time to help limit the kind of “damage” someone can do as a brand new user before they’ve gotten used to the community norms. Things like how many links you can post in a message, being able to invite other users etc.

There is also a badge system which is the stuff like “You Earned First Post!” and what not. I personally think that is sort of noise for us… I believe that Discourse allows disabling the badge system though I don’t know if other people feel like it provides something useful or not. Might be something for @ambv to consider disabling though.

(Paul Moore) #8


Interestingly, I seem to have received an email with this reply (and it’s not got headers that help my existing email filters to catch it). If Discourse is going to add to my email load, by default, that seems pretty bad :frowning:

There’s a balance to make here between “not discoverable because it’s on a new forum that I have to go and visit” and “just polluting email even more”. But having to review and consider a whole load of email notification settings is also not the answer. The defaults should be carefully thought out to make the experience (and the transition) as easy as possible.


PS I’m deliberately “dashing off a quick top-posted email reply”, because I want to see how the forum software handles it. It’s getting more and more common these days that people do this (what with mobile devices). It’s not good etiquette, but email clients handle it fine. I wonder how Discourse does? :slight_smile:

(Paul Moore) #9

Actually, that’s pretty good :slight_smile:

The “View reply” link in the email opens a new tab. I’d rather it switched to my existing tab and opened the thread there. The current way makes the whole “multiple tabs” problem even worse. (And yes, I know, browser limitations - but that’s the point…)

(Łukasz Langa) #10

That’s right. I added you @pf_moore.

(Vinay Sajip) #11

What does the “Owner” status give you? Looking at the member list for the Committers group, everyone except me has that badge against their name. Fear Of Missing Out :wink:

(Łukasz Langa) #12

The status means you can add and remove people from the group. You’re now also an owner.