July Steering Council update

FYI, I’ve just published the July steering council update, also included below:

Just as a reminder, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us or open an issue in the SC repo: GitHub - python/steering-council: Communications from the Steering Council

July 5

  • No regular meeting because of the US holiday.
  • Most of the Steering Council met with Nathaniel Smith to discuss his alternative proposal for PEP 654 (Exception Groups and except *).
  • Nathaniel and Carol will work to flesh out his proposal.

July 12

  • Steering Council discussed a clarification request from the PyPA folks around PEPs. It was determined that PyPA folks can sponsor their own PEPs. Brett informed them by responding to the comment.
  • SC discussed the enum repr() and str() changes in 3.10 and 3.11.
  • SC discussed PEP 582 (Python local packages directory).

July 19

  • Steering Council met with Łukasz, the Developer-in-Residence for the first time. The group discussed prioritization, balancing, and how to handle group requests. The Steering Council needs to handle prioritization if folks send Łukasz their lists of jobs. The group also discussed how this role is going to impact the strategic approach of merging issues from bugs.python.org to GitHub. A group Slack channel was created for Łukasz to have a way to ping the SC outside of email. The SC and Łukasz will meet every two weeks for now.
  • Group discussed PEP 649 (Deferred Evaluation Of Annotations Using Descriptors) and typing in general. The group determined that they need to discuss the status of typing as part of the language, and write up a PEP to the community so the community knows how to proceed with typing PEPs.
  • Steering Council will continue to review PEP 648 (Extensible customizations of the interpreter at startup) and will discuss it via email.

July 26

  • The Steering Council discussed PEP 648 (Extensible customizations of the interpreter at startup) and decided the PEP needed more use cases and feedback from the community. The group is going to draft a response (reject it and tell them use cases are needed) and Barry will send it. If the PEP author provides use cases the SC can revisit the PEP later.
  • The SC discussed PEP 467 (Minor API improvements for binary sequences) and decided that they will recommend removing the bchr builtin from the PEP and then the SC can review the revised PEP if the author wants to revisit it.
  • Thomas created the private Python committers Discord and Pablo suggested we use it for the next virtual Sprint, which the group agrees with.