Let's get rid of the stable ABI, but keep the limited API

A representative attends a sprint for the other group.

Lukasz is at the HPy sprint that is happening at the moment and we’re presenting to a few other CPython core devs this afternoon. Is there a CPython sprint that an HPy person or persons could come to in the near future?

HPy rep attends/presents at the language summit at PyCon US.

We did present HPy at the online language summit (last year, I think). It would be good to have HPy devs at future ones to. The language summit itself is usually not that best place to go into details, but one can have meetings on the side since many of the right people are there.

Schedule a meeting with the SC.

That would be awesome. We’re busy writing an HPy PEP. Perhaps once that is done and the SC has had a chance to read it, that would be a good time to talk to the SC?


The core dev sprints are happening in less than 2 weeks, but figuring out who was attending has already been resolved. Otherwise it’s PyCon US next.

If you’re writing a PEP then that will have to go to a general discussion first. Then the PEP will get sent to the SC and if we have any questions we can go back to the PEP authors for more information. So a meeting would be more about asking what we think is feasible for you to have in a PEP. You can also always email the steering council or open an issue at GitHub - python/steering-council: Communications from the Steering Council to start a conversation.