List of future commitments?

Do we have a list of things that are setup to be changed in future Python versions? In particular versions that don’t have pages yet.

I’ve read anecdotes about something changing for 3.15, something for 3.14, even something for a mythical 4.0.

Are all these listed in a common page somewhere?

(If they are in various peps: I don’t think we should have to dig through each pep to find these tidbits)

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Nothing exists that I’m aware of. Volunteers are working on scratching their own itches, by and large. There are people and teams who are being paid to work on specific issues, such as performance. But there’s no central Gantt chart or Kanban board tracking it.

Can I ask what you’d use such a list for?

Honestly it’s just curiosity. Like learning that Utf-8 will be default in a future version was interesting.

Figure a list of those things would be more interesting.

The What’s New pages have a list of deprecations pending removal in upcoming versions, for example:

It’s been suggested the PEP index at should show the targeted Python version.

As Eric said, neither of these things are set in stone and are usually dependant on volunteers finding time to work on them.