List the most accessed documents

Is it possible to count the documents that are most visited in
For example, the top 100 most accessed documents.

So that we can improve the hot documents, at least not let them be too bad.
Maybe we can also put more effort into optimizing the relevant code.

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The access logs are probably somewhere but I don’t think they are publicly accessible and it’s probably not worth the effort to make them so.

If you’re specifically looking at updating the docs to be better then I would suggest choosing an area you care about and look at updating those docs.

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Thanks for you reply.
I can understand it’s not publicly accessible.

Beyond a few obvious cases (such as the What’s New, tutorial, builtin functions, and stdlib module front pages), I don’t think we should emphasize the importance of documents based on their volume of traffic. IMO, all of the pages on are of roughly equal importance as far as quality should go.

If you’re interested in making general documentation improvements, I’d recommend looking at all of the bpo issues with the “documentation” component and are at the “needs patch” stage. There’s currently 274 open issues under that category.

Otherwise, you can always feel free to make suggestions to areas that you’re interested in. If you notice something missing, open an issue and add the maintainers/experts of the area to the nosy list.

Maybe the doc access statistics is very interesting.
Can see which features are popular, maybe the trend of traffic changes also is valuable for Python designers.

The current doc viewer (e.g. chm viewer on Windows) is so limited.
IMO it can has an option “Send browsing record” and can vote “useful”/“useless” to every doc items, in order to generate valuable statistics/feedbacks.

This forum is “Ideas”, so I just talking, don’t take this too serious.:grinning:

I agree that it might be interesting to see, but I’m just not certain that it would be worth the cost of doing so. It depends on how much traffic data we currently maintain and how much it would have to be modified in order to be made publicly accessible.

For sure, I’m just providing feedback. (:

Do be a bit careful about throwing out ideas too wildly; every post takes time from a large group of people. Even ones that one might choose to ignore still takes time for someone to read what the post is about, make a decision about it, and then choose to ignore it. Multiply that by a few thousand people a month and it ends up being a large amount of time used.

So I don’t want to discourage you bringing forward ideas, but do realize that they are not “free” in terms of people’s time.

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