Looking for help with CPython on iOS

I’m an indie app developer focusing on educational and developer tools for iPad, and my apps tend to utilise Python in creative ways (see Juno and Tinkerstellar). I get to work with CPython internals a lot, and I’m looking for someone who could help and work with me on this — i.e. maintaining my CPython fork and bringing more packages with native extensions to iOS.

My goal is to offer an approachable entry point into the Python and computational science ecosystem, especially for new Pythonistas. If you are interested, know your way around CPython and open to a part-time gig (paid of course), please reply or DM. :innocent:

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There’s a number of open source projects that have support for CPython on iOS, for example Pyto and Beeware. Cooperating there might help in reducing the support cost for a CPython for that supports iOS.

That said, I’d love to see support for iOS in the CPython repository itself and would be willing to discuss and review PRs that bring us there. I do have limited time available though and am not available for consulting.

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Thanks Ronald — yes, my fork is actually based on Beeware’s fork, although I do use a number of further customisations that wouldn’t make a lot of sense in the upstream (related to different ways of tackling iOS platform restrictions). Although more generally I’m all up for bringing relevant changes to CPython itself, of course.

And I agree regarding cooperation, I am already looking into ways to collaborate with other folks working on iOS side of Python, too — hopefully, we’ll work something out.

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