Looking for users of Python to help improve the usability of pip

I’m Bernard Tyers a UX designer working on the project to improve the usability of pip, the package management tool.

The pip Team is looking for Python users who use pip to take part in our
UX Studies. Your input will have a direct impact on improving pip.

We want to speak with as diverse a group as possible - data scientists, teachers and university professors teaching Python, science researchers, web developments, sysadmins, professional Python developers, journalists - all users of Python.

We’d particularly like to speak with people with accessibility needs.

You don’t have to be a Python expert to take part - I can’t stress
this enough!

You can find out all the details you’ll need and find the sign-up link
on this blogpost:


If you do have questions I’ve not answered there, let me know.

We’d also appreciate some signal boosting to reach as wide an audience
as possible. Please share the blog post with people in different Python
using communities.

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If you’re a Twitter/Mastodon user we’d appreciate a signal boost of
these also:

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