Looking to make a small skyrim style textRPG, trying to add health and damage

hey, I’m pretty new to python, i had some experience with c++ but I’m trying to learn this one to make a discord bot in the future.
i have some basic code for making the character and the very beginning of some temp story.

# base strings
print("welcome young adventurer to the frozen lands. before we put you in we gotta get your character made.")
import time

race = input("what is your race? (unimportant)")
Gender = input ("what is your gender?")
name = input("what is your name young " + race +"?")
classification = input("what class do you want? (currently does nothing)")
print("Alright then, " + name + " the brave " + race + " " + classification + "!")
print("lets begin shall we?")
print("Your story begins in Riverrun, you are a " + race + ". you see a man telling some kids off because they accidentaly" \
" knocked over a cart that didn't even have anything in it.")
input("\n what do you want to say?\n")
print("\"what did you say to me?\"" + " the man turns and attacks you!")
# Starting "game"

im trying to start with 50hp each, both unarmed, and the player’s dmg to be slightly higher to help win. any ideas?

also don’t mind my poor organization, that comes later for me XD

Create a class to represent the player.
You can then use attributes for the player characteristics ands stats.

Learn about f-strings to ease printing stuff out.

print(f’your race is {race} player’)

FYI You should not need to use \ in python, especially if you are inside ().

thanks for the tip! i use the following so it would print out the quotes.

print(" \"what did you say to me?\" ")

the backslash makes it to where the quotes show in the printed message.
if i misunderstood what you were talking about please feel free to correct me. <3

What you do is use single quotes like this:

print('"what did you say to me?" ')

Python has 4 sets of quotes.

print('''triple single quotes
for more then one line''')
print("""triple double quotes
for more then one line""")
# and strings can be split up but is treated as a single string
print("this is part 1"
" and this is part 2 ")