MailMerge from DataFrame

I have a DataFrame that looks like this:

   FormulationNames FormulationLots TimePoints StorageConditions
0                f1              l1    Initial               NaN
1                f1              l1        tp1              -20C
2                f1              l1        tp1                5C
3                f1              l1        tp1               25C
4                f1              l1        tp1               30C
5                f1              l1        tp2              -20C
6                f1              l1        tp2                5C
7                f2              l2    Initial               NaN
8                f2              l2        tp1              -20C
9                f2              l2        tp1                5C
10               f2              l2        tp1               25C
11               f2              l2        tp1               30C
12               f2              l2        tp2              -20C
13               f2              l2        tp2                5C

I have a template word document full of labels that contain mergefields. The merge field names are:

{'TimePoints', 'FormulationNames', 'StorageConditions', 'FormulationLots'}

Every row will be a single label so not all the labels will be the same. Each column in the same row I need on a new line in the label so each label will have 4 lines of text. I have exported the DataFrame to a csv and done the MailMerge manually to ensure that the labels will look right, but I am having trouble finding documentation on how to perform this programatically.

I have tried this code so far:

import pandas
from mailmerge import MailMerge

template_doc = "Labels.docx"

data = {'FormulationNames': ['f1','f1','f1','f1','f1','f1','f1', 'f2','f2','f2','f2','f2','f2','f2'],
    'FormulationLots': ['l1','l1','l1','l1','l1','l1','l1','l2','l2','l2','l2','l2','l2','l2'],
    'TimePoints': ['Initial','tp1','tp1','tp1','tp1','tp1','tp1','Initial','tp2','tp2','tp2','tp2','tp2','tp2'],
    'StorageConditions': ['NaN','-20C','5C','25C','30C','-20C','5C','NaN','-20C','5C','25C','30C','-20C','5C']}        

df = pandas.DataFrame(data)

document = MailMerge(template_doc)