Maintaining the chunk module after it has been removed from the standard library

Hello everyone,

In a previous post, I said I’d refrain from discussing this specific project in this thread due to its focus on PEP594. However, with the conversation increasingly centering on the chunk module, I think it’s an apt moment for an update.

Exciting News on the Chunk Module:

  • Test Implementation: I’m thrilled to announce that the chunk module now includes tests. It’s currently a single test, but as someone new to writing publicly accessible tests, I’m looking forward to any feedback.
  • Upcoming Plans:
    1. Integration with the AIFC Module: The immediate plan involves incorporating the aifc module and developing tests for it, with subsequent updates pushed to the PyPI package.
    2. Wave Module Enhancement: We’ll take similar steps for the Wave module, focusing on updates and PyPI deployment.
    3. Code Optimization: I’m concentrating on eliminating redundant code in the aifc and wave modules, especially the internal versions of the Chunk class.
    4. Enhancing Chunk Functionalities: Next, we’ll port over aifc functionalities that support writing data to chunk.

Future Improvements Under Consideration:

  • Implementing @encukou’s suggestion for the “checksum” and “swap ID and size” functionality.
  • Enabling the modules to accept pathlib.Path objects in addition to strings.
  • Adding capabilities for reading/writing data in memory to facilitate chunk modifications without overwriting existing data.

This roadmap is ambitious, and while I welcome suggestions and adjustments, I must note that this project isn’t my primary responsibility. Progress might be slow, but it’s steady.

Going forward, I will be posting updates and engaging in discussions on this project in a dedicated thread to keep this one focused on PEP594. I appreciate your understanding and encourage those interested to join the conversation there.

Looking forward to evolving this project with your feedback and insights!

My sincerest thanks,

P.S. For more detailed information and future discussions on this project, please refer to the dedicated thread: Recharging Chunk-Related Dead Batteries - PEP594 Feedback Appreciated.