Make messages read-only? Message history?

I see plenty of benefits and use cases for editable messages (as we have now by default). However, I’m concerned by the possibility of folks revising history in non-constructive ways. Seeing the original message in list archives is useful and informative. Also, knowing that your message will be un-editable in the archives is a strong motivator to think before posting (a good thing). At least it is for me. :slight_smile:

So, can you see the full history of edited messages? If not, would it make sense to make all messages read-only?



If I remember correctly there will be a pencil icon that shows a diff of the edits on a post.

Eric, you raise valid points. If you edit, you get a pencil and a diff.

One exception is editing the last reply on a topic within some time (like 5 minutes I think?), that lets you solve typos without distraction.

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Sounds good. :slight_smile:

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