Manylinux_2_26 or even more recent images?

I see that on repository the latest manylinux image is 2_24. Where can I find more recent versions, such as 2_26 or 2_28? Or should I build them by myself?

I’m obviously a novice and I might be missing something obvious.

I’m asking this question because I’m trying to build wheels for a project which requires Qt5 packages and a more recent GCC compiler than the one present on current manylinux_2_24. I’m aware of this issue.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

Actually it seems I need a more recent version of Poppler.
Manylinux_2_24 is using Debian 9 (stretch), which has poppler version 0.48. And I need Poppler >= 0.60. In Debian 10 (buster) poppler is version 0.71.

What’s the recommended way to work around this issue?
What if I pin the packages from Debian 10 repository?