Mariatta will be OOOS (Out of Open Source) starting March 18 - May 9th, 2019

It’s March already! Not sure how much advance notice you all need for my OOOS. Perhaps nothing at all. I just wanted to set expectation, boundaries, and hope for your understanding if I’m slow to reply during my OOOS.

I’m doing fine, and still around, I’m just needing time away from :100:different things :dizzy_face: to focus on my work and family.

Only volunteer activities I will participate during this period are:

During this period:

  • all emails going to my address, and all emails that contain “unsubscribe” keyword are automatically archived and marked as read
  • I will remove Zulip and Discourse from my phone
  • I will log out of all Slack orgs, except Zapier and PyLadies org.
  • if I’m mentioned or assigned issue/PR on GitHub, mariatta-bot will reply and remind you that I’m OOOS and might not reply.

If there is anything you’d like to discuss with me, please bring those up now so I can respond promptly, or wait until after PyCon US.



This is awesome :slight_smile: Remember to also set your status on GitHub, which is a new thing. And if you have recommendations for who we should contact for something we’d normally bring to you, including their names/handles would be very helpful.

Enjoy your time away!

Thanks! I’ve been involved mostly with the bots and core-workflow issues. I think any other core devs can definitely cover for me :slight_smile: Only odd thing is perhaps cherry-picker, which I’ll count on Andrew Svetlov and Sviatoslav Sydorenko who have made a lot of contributions there. Any core devs can publish cherry-picker to PyPI by creating a tag on GitHub. (