Mark PEP 518 as final?

I don’t think there are any plans to changing it at this point since the tools have taken to the last change to allow them to store settings in the file. Plus pip has been relying on PEP 518 for over 2 years.

Plus I’m tried of people pointing out PEP 518 is provisional like we are somehow going to change pyproject.toml in a way that goes against what is in the PEP. :smile:

I guess it’s the call for @ncoghlan as BDFL-delegate if we can lock this PEP down.


To make things a bit easier for everyone involved…

Here’s a PR:

Done! (Thanks for the PR @pradyunsg - that made this easy to address from my phone)

I looked at PEP 517 as well, but I’m not sure of the status of the self-hosting support that was intended to allow setuptools, flit, etc, to declare a build dependency on their own code.


@pganssle may be able to answer that, but my impression is that we agreed but did not add the conclusion to the PEP.