May/June Steering Council update

The Steering Council is a bit behind on the community updates, but we just published the May and June ones (also included below):

Just as a reminder, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us or open an issue in the SC repo: GitHub - python/steering-council: Communications from the Steering Council

May 3

May 10

  • The Core Developers voted to promote Irit Katriel to Core Dev, and the Steering Council has no objections.
  • SC scheduled a PEP review in two weeks.
  • SC discussed delegating typing PEPs, but did not reach a conclusion.
  • SC discussed PEP 563 (Postponed Evaluation of Annotations), the unexpected effects of the change, the last-minute postponement, and how to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

May 17

  • Group discussed documenting SC history and procedures. Carol is going to start on it in the private repo and then it can pushed out to the public one.
  • Thomas is going to ask Nathaniel for a concrete counter proposal for PEP 654 (Exception Groups and except*).
  • Group discussed using Hypothesis in the standard library.

May 24

  • The Steering Council did PEP review and assigned pings to PEP authors and sponsors.
  • The Steering Council discussed who applied for the Developer-in-Residence position and Carol placed it on the agenda for June 7th.
  • The Steering Council will not be meeting next week due to Memorial Day in the US.

June 7

  • The Steering Council reviewed the résumés received for the Developer-in-Residence position. The candidates were selected for the interview process. The Steering Council prepared for Developer in Residence interviews by reviewing questions for the interviews.

June 14

  • Steering Council and PSF staff interviewed candidates for the Developer-in-Residence position, and discussed the interviews immediately afterwards.

June 21

  • The Steering Council extensively discussed the Developer-in-Residence candidates, and made their final selection.
  • The SC discussed improving workflows around full-time contributors. The group will continue to think and discuss this.

June 28

  • The Steering Council reviewed PEP 654 (Exception Groups and except*). Thomas will schedule a call with Nathaniel and the SC, possibly for next Monday (July 5), to hear Nathaniel’s alternative proposal.
  • The SC reviewed PEP 467 (Minor API improvements for binary sequences) and there are concerns about the value of the change and the future implementation. Thomas was going to start a draft response, but didn’t get around to it.
  • The SC reviewed PEP 657 (Include Fine Grained Error Locations in Tracebacks). The group approved it (Pablo abstained because he’s one of the PEP’s authors) and Barry sent the announcement to python-dev@.
  • Group discussed the request around modules following a provisional policies. Group decided that Barry will reach out to the module author about importlib.metadata 's provisional status. The group will continue their discussion on how to move forward with provisional modules/packages.
  • Group discussed enum.Enum repr and str changes in 3.10 & 3.11. It was decided that Barry will email python-dev@ and strongly suggest that we rollback to 3.9 behavior for 3.10 and write a new PEP for 3.11.