Mentoring program?

There’s been some chatter on IRC about mentoring. We’ve also talked about paid for classes, certification, and what-not, but mentoring is dear to my heart. Is there any PSF mentoring program?

There are lots of websites, on-line classes, and books to learn Python, and that’s great. What seems to be a common issue in many languages is making the transition from Apprentice (worked through a book) to Journeyman (writes clean pythonic code, can build a cleanly architected medium sized application with a database, documentation, tests, etc).

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As an addendum, the Core Developer Mentoring list is great. I was on that for a while, and enjoyed it. Not sure I was smart enough to be there, or driven enough, though. I read one blog where Guido pointed out that being a Core Dev is a difficult and usually unrewarded task, and to really ask yourself why you want to be one.

That means we have the idea, can we grow it?

Mentoring is also something I really value dearly, both for the mentors I’ve had and continue to have, and each of the special people I’ve had the privilege of mentoring. For me, while my mentors have mostly been core devs I’ve met though my Python development work, I’ve also met mentees on this very Discourse, on GitHub, as well as IRL in my role in an atmospheric science department at a research university.

In terms of the core dev side, there’s an active ongoing thread in the Committers section discussing this, as there are a lot of core devs interested in mentorship, and interest in gathering resources and meta-mentorship for potential mentors: