Miss-islington bot broken again?

On my PR gh-121035: Improve logging flow diagram for dark/light modes. by vsajip · Pull Request #121254 · python/cpython · GitHub, miss-islington announced that she will try to backport it, but then nothing happened.

I removed the backport labels after half an hour and re-added them, leading to the same message from miss-islington, but no backport PRs were created.

I see there is already an open issue from January which looks related - Backport fails without any output · Issue #675 · python/miss-islington · GitHub - so not sure how to proceed. @Mariatta - any advice?

I believe @ambv is looking into it

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Copy of @ambv’s message on Discord:

miss-islington isn’t creating backports due to some local git checkout corruption on the bot’s VM. looking into it.