Move typing-sig to Discourse?

Try asking what’s up. Cc me.

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@admins, does one of you have enough permissions to create a “Typing” top-level category at ?

I’m gathering folks who can perform the steps to migrate the typing-sig mailing list to Discourse.

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Sure, I can do that for you.


Wonderful. Then @ambv I formally request that a “Typing” top-level category be created.

I have just notified the typing-sig mailing list that they should start redirecting conversations to the new category.

I will continue to follow up with the postmaster RE changing the former typing-sig mailing list to read-only, no longer accepting new posts.


The postmaster is ready to go to make the original typing-sig list read-only.

@ambv , a friendly ping to create a top-level “Typing” category here in when you get the chance.


I created the category at Typing - Discussions on .


Thanks @brettcannon !

I’ll follow up with the postmaster in a day or two.

PEP 1 needs updating in a couple of places to recommend the new category instead of Typing-SIG, and also the PEPs repo contributing guidelines.

Would someone like to put together a PR?

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Could the category colour be changed? The current dark teal colour looks very similar to the green of the Ideas category, especially when next to each other.