Moving a robot using raspberry pi

Hello everyone,

I used a raspberry pi 3 model B and a camera to make a robot detect fire, using Train a custom object detection model using your data - YouTube However I am not sure how to make this robot move after it detects fire. The L298N motor driver (DC motors are connected to this motor driver) and a logitech camera of this robot are connected to the raspberry pi of this robot. I know that it maybe better to use fire sensors to detect fire, however for my project I decided to use a camera.

My last lines of code in the raspberry pi terminal are (these are the same as the lines of code at about 10:41 in the youtube link above except instead of using android.tflite, fire.tflite is used):

  • source tflite/bin/activate
  • cd examples/lite/examples/object_detection/raspberry_pi/
  • cp ~/Downloads/fire.tflite .
  • python --model fire.tflite

So is there a way to make the robot move using raspberry pi each time it detects fire?