Moving governance PEP deadline to Oct 8 2018?

Based on the discussion in it appears that @Mariatta and @barry are requesting another week to finish writing up their governance PEP.

It doesn’t look like the other PEP authors have responded to that thread. I’m unsure how to interpret that.

@guido’s point about right before the perceived deadline being when the bulk of work happens is true regardless. So I agree that moving it without authors asking for it seems unwise.

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I think the only other PEP author who didn’t say anything is @ambv and I assume that’s because he’s fine with the date.

I didn’t say anything either, but that’s because I don’t really mind. I’d rather have the others available so they can all be discussed and modified before decision time, and would be willing to accept unfinished versions at the earlier date so that actual discussion can start, but if the others would rather defer then I’m happy to let them.

Plus you already got a draft up. :slight_smile:


Okay, I guess that counts as having said something :slight_smile:


I didn’t say anything because mine (8014) is ready and waiting to be merged.


I merged the Anarchist PEP, @jackjansen :slight_smile:

I will submit mine tomorrow.


And as a core dev you should have commit rights on the peps repo, so for any edits you need to make, @jackjansen, you should be able to merge on your own.

:rofl: I didn’t realise that commit rights extend to the peps repo… Silly me…