Moving the Documentation category to the top level?

On the inaugural Docs WG meeting, it was noted that having the Documentation category nested in Core Development makes it hard to find and a bit alienating to people who’d like to contribute.

Apparently, this was a deliberate choice back when Discourse was first set up. Does anyone remember why? (Or have new reasons?)

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I vaguely remember it was because the Documentation WG wasn’t ready for the attention of being top-level, but I could be misremembering.

Seems like the WG is still bootstrapping on that front, but I’d think the category could be useful well beyond just the Documentation WG, no? For the record, I’d certainly favor moving it to the top-level for the reasons we mentioned in the meeting and @encukou summarizes above.

Looks like no one remembers the reasoning now.
Or maybe someone remembers, but didn’t read/respond here – but if they’re ignoring this space even though it’s hidden away and quiet, exposing it to more attention won’t hurt them.

Last chance to speak up if you’re against the move. I plan to ask admins to do the move along with adding content for the intro post.


Dear @admins, please move the category, and also please fill in the intro post with this text ( discussed here):

This is the hub for discussion around all aspects of Python's documentation. 

This category is for anyone who wants to contribute, including readers giving feedback.
It's also the place to discuss specific technical and editorial issues with the docs, particularly:

- Organization
- Style guides
- Visual styles/themes
- Build system

## Scope

All technical writing related to the Python project is in scope, including:

- [Python Documentation](
- [Python Developer's Guide](
- [PEP]( editing

To report *problems* which don't need wide discussion, use the appropriate project's issue tracker instead (e.g. []( for Python's docs).

## Translations

For [starting a new translation](, feel free to hold initial discussions here (in English).

For other translation-related discussions, follow the [links and instructions in the developer's guide](
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All done! Due be aware, though, I think this may have broken all preexisting URLs.


Thanks! It shouldn’t, as my testing appears to confirm, as unless the URL doesn’t contain the category ID (which is still 26), it will still redirect to the documentation category. By the same token (literally and figuratively), category links still work if they change names, as do topic links, so long as the ID is not stripped.