My first coding assignment in Python

Please start by reading the pinned thread in order to understand how to make code show up with proper formatting. It’s important to view the code with a monospace font and the proper indentation. The forum software doesn’t know it’s code unless you mark it up, and the result can’t be properly read or understood.

Next, make sure to use complete English sentences in order to explain clearly what steps you take in order to try creating and running the program. We need to be able to understand what parts are code that you typed; what parts are your understanding of the actions you’re taking; what parts are what the assignment says; and what parts are things that you see on the screen (aside from what you actually typed).

It’s especially important to understand the environment that you used to try to write the code. For example, did you open a text editor and start writing code in a new file? Did you use the interactive Python prompt (by running python in a command window)? Are you using an IDE (a program for editing code - such as IDLE, which comes with Python, or PyCharm, or VSCode, or Spyder, etc.? Which one?)? Something else?