NameError code using linearmodels.panel to perform Hausman test

Please how do I resolve this error:
NameError: ‘dependent variable’ not present in the Dataset or evaluation context

This error pops up each time I use the linearmodels.panel to perform Hausman test on my regression dataset. The irony of it all is that when I add a code to printout the variables extracted, this ‘dependent variable’ will be displayed conspicuously.
Can someone help me resolve this please.

It’s difficult to help you resolve a problem in your code when you don’t provide the code.

Thanks for your response MRAB, the code is below:
import pandas as pd
from linearmodels.panel import PanelOLS

def hausman_test():
# Load data from the text file
file_path = “C:\ValuStats\PanelReg.txt”
data = pd.read_csv(file_path, delimiter=‘\t’)
print(“Dataset used: \n”, data)

# Perform fixed effects model
mod_fe = PanelOLS.from_formula('meal ~ ing + sal + wtr + mag + oil + prot + veg + EntityEffects', data=data)
res_fe ='clustered', cluster_entity=True)

# Perform random effects model
mod_re = PanelOLS.from_formula('meal ~ ing + sal + wtr + mag + oil + prot + veg', data=data)
res_re ='clustered', cluster_entity=True)

# Calculate the Hausman test statistic
# hausman_test =

# Print the results to the screen
print("Hausman Test Results:")
print("Fixed Effects:")
print("\nRandom Effects:")
print("\nHausman Test Statistic:")

# Save the results to a file
file_out = "C:\\ValuStats\\Hausman.txt"
with open(file_out, 'w') as file:
    file.write("Hausman Test Results:\n")
    file.write("Fixed Effects:\n")
    file.write("\n\nRandom Effects:\n")
    file.write("\n\nHausman Test Statistic:\n")

Call the function to perform the Hausman test