Navigation bar disappears on Safari for

Hi forum,

When I read these docs on Safari, the navigation bar on the left disappears. But it shows on Chrome. Mind improve this on Safari?


Could you share screenshot of this? It’s quite possible that you clicked the collapse sidebar button available, which you’ll have to click again to show the sidebar.

Hi Pradyun,

I just opened the URL and didn’t even make a single click on the webpage. I didn’t use Chrome because I use Safari to sync my bookmarks between my computer and my phone. I also don’t want to install an additional app.

Can we also have dark mode for

Both Chrome and Safari are in their latest versions.


Looks like responsive design. It will hide the navigation bar whenever it thinks your browser width is too small. When that happens, try the “hamburguer menu” on the top left.

It’s an 17" display monitor. Every time I navigate to next chapter, the navigation bar hides automatically after.

Hi Pedro,

You’re right. I made a default page zoom to 125% on Safari. If I reset it to 100%, the navigator is back.

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