Need help in Data Normalization and rescaling value in Python

Hi Guys,

I have a dataset which contains URLs with publish date (YYYY-MM-DD), visits. I want to calculate benchmark (average) of visits for a complete year. Pages were published on different dates…e. g. Weightage/contribution of 1st page published in Aug (with 10,000 visits) will be more as compare to 2nd page published in March (11,000).

Here is my dataset:-

First step: -

So first, i want to add a column (i.e. time frame) in my data set which can calculate the time frame from the Publish date. For example: if the page was published on 2019-12-10, it can give the time frame/duration from my today’s date, expected o/p: (Dec 2019, 9 Months). i.e. (Month Year on which the page was published, Total months from today)

Second step: -

I want to normalize/rescale my data (visits) based on calculated time frame column in step 1.

Please help me here to calculate average/benchmark.

Thanks in Advance!