Need help trying to figure out if this is possible

My scenario is this: -

I have a set of users who are new to SQL. I want to create a web app to ease the process.

Currently to execute sql queries we connect to a server. Launch ssms > login using windows authentication and run queries. This happens on multiple different client servers.

I tried to : -

build a flash app on a VM.
Install SQl on this VM.
Add a database and a table where I store pre-approved sql scripts.
To start with, they do not require any user input. The user that queries this database will be static and will handle all calls to retrieve the queries.

Now on the client side I want to be able to open a web app where you enter the servername, username and password and you get a list of databases your username has access to (windows authentication). Then you also see the list of the pre-approved queries that you can then execute on the client side sql.

We cannot create sql logins or do any client side installs because there are just too many such client servers and it would also need specific permissions and challenges.

What I basically want is a safe way for users to be able to execute the scripts that we provide (if there are changes to script everyone automatically gets the latest version). And if possible I want an audit to be sent back and stored on the database residing on my host VM.

I built a flash app and planned to use IIS and ssl certificate to achieve this. But from my testing in-house it is unable to replicate a similar functionality like how you login to SSMS. It is not able to connect using windows authentication. I explored sqlalchemy but that is not a solution either, it appears.

Before I give up- are there any alternatives you all can suggest? Remember no client side installations or changes. We will use initial authentication using MSAL.I tried that and was able to get that part working. The host server and database, are all sorted, it just the client side for which I am not able to find any solution.

Thanks for all your suggestions - in case you have any.

Hm. Pyscript runs Python in the browser but I think it might need Python installed on the client side. Read up on it at You can try it on their site was well.

Pyscript is free, so is Python. You would have to read both their licenses for details.

What if you made one web page with pre-made SQL queries people could run, and the menu is made with Python and Pyscript?

Hey, thank you for responding. I will read up on it but it looks like there would be some kind of install needed on client server side which I am trying to avoid. What I have also figured out is that we can probably leverage an existing service account, which our other apps use (on the same client server) to do this. Need to test that out as well.

Hi, just a minor issue. What is a “client server” side? I have not heard of this before. There is either the “client”, which connects to a “server”.

So the workflow is : - some of our products are installed locally on our customers servers. These servers are managed by them and are on their domain. When there are issues with our softwares we connect to those servers using securelink. If the issue is with data, we run sql scripts to fix those. Some of the scripts can be standardised and I wanted to store them and output them on these client servers when the web app is opened there. I can do that part - the scripts are carrier over from sql on my own VM over to the web app opened on the client server. The issue is then executing these scripts (to the local sql instance) on these client servers. It requires windows authentication. I can launch SSMS and authenticate via windows and run the same scripts. I am not able to find a way to do it from the web app.