Need Python program to get output

If input is xyz

output is xyz

write a python Program?

It would help to have a proper description of what you hope to get. It
appears at a glance that you want your original string with all
combinations of upper/lower case for each letter. Is that the case?

We don’t provide homework solutions here, but we will help with
suggestions, and assist debugging code you have written.

Start by considering how you, as a human, would perform this task. Maybe
do it by hand on some paper. Then write out how you’d ask another human
to do this task. Then start your Python code by attempting that, in

You would start your programme with the input. To save reading it each
time (you can add that later), just set it up directly:

text = 'xyz'

From here, write code to make all the combinations you need to make, and
just print() each one for the output step.

Remember that strings are sequences and can be iterated over:

for char in text:
    print("char =", char)

That may help you get started.

Cameron Simpson