Need some help with smurves 1.0.1 pip

Hello! I’m not experienced python user (a lot of things in this I absolutely don’t understand), only want to see how smurves pip works - smurves · PyPI

The description of this pip says , what pip can draw illustration with random curves, here’s what it looks like:

when i write it in python:

"from smurves import surgebinder

curves = surgebinder(n_curves = 10,
x_interval = [0.001, 10.0],
y_interval = [0.0, 5.0],
n_measure = 100,
direction_maximum = 3,
convergence_point = [0.001, 1.0],
log_scale = True,
change_range = [0.2, 0.8],
start_force = 0.01) "

I don’t get illustration with curves, only text is shown:

Probably I need to write something for the picture to appear, but unfortunately I don’t understand this at all.

Maybe someone can tell what to do next. Thanks in advance!

A look at the code suggests that the returned curves value is a list
of np.vstack results. You’re right, you then need to plot them as a
separate step. I’m afraid I don’t know how though.

If nobody nere can help, maybe join the numpy-discussion list and ask
again there:

Cameron Simpson