New in python I need help this output not correct

def get_words_by_first_letter(words, letter):
for word in words:
if word[0] == letter:
return word

You need to put the entire code between triple backtick lines. Without that, quotes get curlified.
Anyway, here is a solution in the style you used, and an alternative using a list comprehension.
The latter is likely too advanced for you now, but something you should learn in the future.
Both print ['apple', 'and'] and omit 'or'.

def get_words_by_first_letter(words, letter):
    """Return a list of all words that start with the given letter."""
    hits = []
    for word in words:
        if word[0] == letter:
    return hits

def gwbfl(words, letter):
    return [word for word in words if word[0] == letter]

print(get_words_by_first_letter(["apple" , "and", 'or'], "a"))
print(gwbfl(["apple" , "and", 'or'], "a"))

Thank you, Terry Jan Reddy. Appreciate your reply.