New in pyton need help for home work

A farmer raises cows and chickens. A cow has 4 legs, and a chicken has 2 legs. Design the python program which:

Reads the total number of legs, a positive integer multiple of 2. You don’t have to validate it.

And which then displays all the possibilities concerning the number of cows and the number of hens.

Example 1:

Enter the number of legs:


The possible solutions with 8 legs are:

cow(s) and 4 hen(s)

cow(s) and 2 hen(s)

cow(s) and 0 hen(s)

where is my program i start

nb = int (input ("enter number of legs : "))
while b<=r :
print (int (r),"cows and " ,int (s), "chicken" )

Please wrap code in triple backticks to preserve the formatting:

if True:
    print(''Hello world!')

Firstly, use more meaningful variable names.

Start by calculating the maximum number of cows. Any remaining legs belong to hens.

Then progressively reduce the number of cows. Any remaining legs belong to hens.

You can’t have fewer than 0 cows, so that’s when you stop.