🍝 New keyword in bpo: `newcomer friendly`

:spaghetti: copy-pasta from core-mentorship mailing list.

There is now a “newcomer friendly” keyword in bpo.

My hope is that going forward, we can tag issues that are suitable for first time contributors with this keyword.

It would be great for experienced contributors already familiar with our workflow to not work on issues tagged with newcomer friendly and leave that to new contributors.

I’ve added the keyword to Devguide’s Triaging section, with additional guideline of what can be tagged as newcomer friendly. Typically it should be straightforward, well-defined issue, and low-risk.



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That’s great, I would agree that many of the present issues on bpo with the easy label were not always simple for first time contributors. On the “Keywords” section of the triaging page that you linked, easy issues were described as “Fixing the issue should not take longer than a day for someone new to contributing to Python to solve”. However, when figuring out the basics of the workflow and working with various tools for the first time such as Git, the CI tests, and reST, issues that experienced developers would see as single day problems could be quite overwhelming for those who are new.

Once the issues are moved over to GitHub, I think the newcomer friendly label will translate well into good first issue. I wonder if we’ll be able to find a rough equivalent for the current easy label (or still use it on bpo for that matter), I’ve found that label to be quite useful. Those are good issues to work on for any contributors that might want to avoid involving themselves in more complex projects, and have a few hours to spare to help out.

Thanks for keeping us informed! As someone without access to core-mentorship, the news update is definitely appreciated.