New Python Student Saint Leo

Hello everyone, my name is Trevione Moses, I’m from Georgia, and I am an Electrical Engineering major at Tuskegee University. I was able to take this class through a different program. One thing I love to do is play PC games and working out. I am excited to take this class because I recently had an internship and mainly we used python. I continued on to learn the language, and I feel like would give me a deeper understanding.

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Hello, @Tmoses, and welcome to the Python Discourse community!

We hope you enjoy the discussions here, as well as the Python course offered by Saint Leo University and all your other courses at Tuskegee University. You will likely find Python useful for performing computations related to electrical engineering.

Please see the information offered at the following links, since it will be useful for your enjoyment of, and benefit from, this forum:

On the page accessed by the first of those two links, you will find important guidance regarding how to format error messages and Python code for proper display, in case you decide to post it when asking questions or helping other users within the Python Help category on this forum.

Best of success to you as an Electrical Engineering major!