NEW python user trying to install Jupyter on Windows 10

Greetings , I’m studying for a FCC license , and following some extra curriculum, came across this video Lecture 06: Introduction to the Smith Chart with Examples - YouTube

the teacher is using a Python engine it starts 35 minutes into the video and it shows Jupyter QTconsole 4.7.2 . I do have Ubuntu as a double boot option, I thought I would save time by doing it in windows , so I downloaded the

Python 3.10.0b4 - July 10, 2021

Installed it, but have no idea IF I need qtconsole or how to go about installing it , so then I can install Jupyter . I have the casio fx991ex , but this python engine looks very impressive.

anyways any help is deeply appreciated

I’m not sure, but it looks they’re just using the qtconsole as an alternative to the Python interactive shell. I’m guessing the MicrowaveLab is a completely separate product.
You don’t actually need qtconsole for the little bits of examples that I saw; you can just use the standard Python shell. Just do

C:\work> py

and you can do basic Python commands straight away.

The easiest way to install Jupyter is via Anaconda, but you’ll get a different version of Python. It has Start links to launch the Jupyter qtconsole. Personally, I prefer pip as I have more control over versions. You can find instructions for that at:
You might have trouble with using 3.10 beta though, as Windows binaries for libraries like this are usually not available until the final is out. You could build it yourself, but that’s a bit of effort.

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Python 3.10.0b4 is a beta version. I suggest you install Python 3.9 instead.

N.B. I ran into what might be a similar problem yesterday when trying to install JupyterLab on Python 3.10.0b4 as I wanted to do some testing.

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FYI, Python 3.10 has just moved from beta to release candidate:

Sounds like doing this in Ubuntu will be easier. I’m just not that up to date on Linux as I hardly use it. IF I understand what you said, sounds like I might be able to install Jupyter ? I tried putting some of the code into the Windows IDE for Py , and it just kept saying it did not like it, and i must have left a comma out . It sure would be neat if it would work inside windows , but I’m not there anymore , and calling up my oldest son is just out of the question , he knows this stuff , but he is sick and busy .

thank you again for your help I will keep trying , it keeps my mind busy

just found Anaconda for Windows and installed it, now to the learning curve and to jupiterlab