Newbie wondering if it is possible to control MS Access with Python?

I have a MS Access database. Every month, I need to export 100+ excel files manually based on different criteria from this database.
I am wondering if it is possible to let Python distinguish, pick, and export data from MS Access automatically?
I already have pyodbc installed and have MS Access connected with Python IDLE. Now I am able to read data through Python IDLE. Am I on the right way? If not, please explain.

Assuming you’re on Windows with Office installed, pyodbc can connect to an Access file through the ODBC interface. You can find more information on the project wiki:

There are a few alternatives if you don’t have Office and/or Windows, but they are much more obscure (I don’t have experience with any of them either).

I have pyodbc installed already. I will keep studying it.
Thank you for your advises.