Newbie would like some direction :)

I’m a newbie to Python. I’ve been looking at Python tutorials, and at the same time I understand that I need to have Django as well, and have learned how to set that up.

It seems like a catch-22, where I can’t really work much with Django without knowing something about Python; yet, I can’t see how I can learn Python very well without being to able to use it with Django, to test my code.

Is there a tutorial or course (preferably free) that will show me enough Python to know what I’m doing so I can start using Django with it?

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That is true. You will need to know some Python in order to understand how to work with Django.

You can learn quite a bit about Python without first knowing anything at all about Django. After you learn some Python, you will be better prepared to learn Django.

There are lots of free Python tutorials, including The Python Tutorial offered by the Python Software Foundation.

After you are sufficiently familiar with Python, see Writing your first Django app, part 1.

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