NLPAutopurifier function not working from datapurifier package

I am unable to run NLPAutopurifier function from datapurifier package

Why don’t you ask directly to the maintainers of this package ? For example by creating an issue on their GitHub page ? They are probably the best persons to ask for requesting specific help.

Also, be more specific in your question. What do you mean by being “unable” to use the function ? Are you getting an error ? Which steps did you take that led to this error ?


Exactly what steps did you take in order to try to do this, from the beginning?

Exactly what happened when you tried taking these steps, and how is that different from what you expected?

Hi, I am just following same as in this Google colab notebook (Google Colab)

I am replicating same as the google collab notebook in my jupyter notebook .

You’re not gonna get any support unless you provide a minimum of information.
Look around on the forum and see what kind of post other people write in the Python Help section.
I cannot help you more than that with what I have now.

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