No emails notifications aftter two bounces


on August 19th the mail servers used for the discourse notifications got listed on and my mail server bounced two notification emails. Since then I haven’t received any more notifications. How do I re-enable email notifications?

Thank you.


Looks like this is the issue that @merwok had too (though we didn’t realize it at the time, since we thought it was related to something else), based on the behavior and timing seen being identical. Looks like due to the bounces, it deferred sending messages to your mailbox until 1 month after that date:

As far as I could tell I can’t actually reset it myself as a mod; that will need to be one of the @admins . The issue is described in this Discourse Meta thread, and this Meta thread explains how to reset the bounce score and resume sending messages, which can apparently be done from your user admin page.

In the meantime, if I remember correctly, Éric also reported that he was seemingly able to fix it himself by adding another address and then cancelling it before confirmation, and then he started getting emails again at his original address, so perhaps something like that is worth trying for you?

Thanks @CAM-Gerlach. I solved it adding an + subaddress to my email address.

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