No help anywhere

I have a league set of football result. I would like python to use the results to show me the possible Hw, Hd, Hl that could have occurred to achieve the league results. This means unravelling the results & giving me a team by team version of matches so as I can look at the actual games to see how many versions of games would have achieved the league results. I hope tis is understandable. It means taking the league to bits & giving me a set of game results that would have amounted to the league results that I Have. I have searched for some help with the sum, & found absolutely nothing!

Hello S.Squires,

What should we call you?

Please remember that this is a world-wide forum. When you say
“football”, do you mean:

  • soccer
  • Australian Rules
  • American Gridiron
  • Canadian Gridiron
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Gaelic football
  • something else?

I don’t know what Hw, Hd, Hl mean, or how they relate to give the
results you have.

I suspect that this is not primarily a Python problem, but a
mathematical problem. If you give us the mathematical rules for how to
solve your problem, writing the Python code will probably be simple, but
the mathematical solution may be difficult.

Hi Steven,
I am talking English premier league 20 clubs, 38 matches. Hw home win, Aw Away win, Hd Home draw, Ad Away draw, Hl home lose, Al Say lose. I agree it is a problem, & finding any information is difficult. I was hoping for some help myself, & so have put the problem forward to discover what ppl with more knowledge than I (which is fairly easy) may have to say.

Hello S.Squires,

Sorry, this a forum for Python, not English premier league. I know
nothing about soccer except that there’s a ball involved.

I would expect that there are probably dozens of websites and books
that explain how the clubs are ranked. And if not, you should ask on
forums that are dedicated to discussing the premier league.

Or try the official EPL website, or Wikipedia?