Noob needs help(how to fix it so it works)

print(“Hello,welcome to Starbucks!!”)
name = input(‘Whats ur name?\n’)
print(name +“,thank you so much for coming today!”)

menu = ‘Latte, Espresso, Cacao, Frappe’
print(name+‘,what would you like from our menu today?Here is what we are serving!\n’ + menu )
order = input()
if input() != ‘Cacao’:
print(“Sounds good,”+name + “,we’ll have that " + order + " ready for u in a moment.”)
print(‘Sorry,’+name+‘,we dont have Cacao today…’)

Clearly the problem is that you’re out of cacao. This is a major issue and needs to be resolved immediately.

If that ISN’T the issue, then it may be helpful to ask a more precise question. Tell us what your code is doing and what it isn’t doing. Tell us what you’re trying to achieve here.

Also - code should be put inside triple backticks ``` before and after. This makes it display more readably.

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so i want to make if i say cacao then program must say sorry we dont have it and for all other it will stay sounds good + name + order + ready for u in a moment!

I notice that you have:

if input() != 'Cacao':

but you’ve already got the order in the line above, and as you don’t want the user to have to answer twice, that should be:

if order != 'Cacao':

Thank you so much! I luv u!