Novice Question on Installation

I am new to Python and I am not a programmer. But recently I have decided to learn Python to apply it to financial quantitative analysis - this is my primary goal.

I initially started by installing and using OpenBBTerminal with miniconda. I first tried to use Anaconda, but my Ubuntu Budgie 22.04 workstation kep crashing, so I switched to miniconda and it worked fine. I also installed Jupyter Notebooks and multiple libraries, Visual Studio and Kate.

I started the Replit 100 Days of Python challenge to learn some Python coding basics.

But the code is not the biggest challenge for me. The biggest problem I faced was getting all these packages, apps, libraries and other stuff I don’t even know the nomenclature for to work together. I would install a library to use with OpenBBTerminal, then try to access it later via Jupyter, and get “no library found”.

My workstation recently had some issues and I decided to do a clean install of Ubuntu Budgie. This is my chance to make lemonade from lemons and get all this Python stuff installed in an organized fashion. I don’t want 3 copies of the yfinance and numpy libraries on my hard drive. I have tried searching for answers to this problem, but haven’t found much.

Can someone point me in the right direction here? Documentation, articles, hints - all would be appreciated. Order of installation and where to install - so that everything works together - are big questions for me. I don’t mind doing some work to get this right. TIA for your help.

What exactly do you mean by crashing?
Computer rebooted? Program reported an error?

Maybe we can help fix the crash?

Hi Barry and thanks for the offer of help. But that has been dealt with and I would rather focus on Python and related software installation process.

Found a few decent articles on the topic here:

Chapter 12 is were i learned how to handle this.
The tutorial is written very well and you can pick what you need.

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Thanks Markus! The link is bookmarked as a permanent reference.