Nudge contributors to not recycle closed BPOs

Over the last week or so I had multiple cases where users have re-used closed BPOs for PRs. The BPOs were kinda related to the change set, but for older releases and closed.

Can we get some automation to prevent users from recycling closed BPOs and nudge them to create a new BPO? There are only few cases where it makes sense to reference a closed BPO, e.g. when fixing a typo or minor docs issue. For anything non-trivial, the BPO should either be re-opened or a new BPO is required.

Until we’re moved to GitHub Issues, I think at the moment it is not possible to programmatically find out whether the bpo is closed or not, so we couldn’t write the automation for it.

So perhaps we should just document this policy on devguide.

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There is a bot that takes bpo-\d+ in the PR title and replaces it with the issue title, unless I am mistaken.
That bot probably uses the Roundup API. I would be surprised if the API response did not include the status!

There is no roundup API. The bot simply replaces the text into a b.p.o url using regex.