Object modifying

i need help in a python program, i was creating a program in which there is a class and creating an object from it should become a list, i posted this question on another forum too tho i did not get lot of help. This is example code of what i want to achieve:

class Myclass(list):
     def __init__(self,val1,val2,val3):

this results an error when i create a variable using this class which i have no idea how to solve, and when i try to call the variable after encountering the error then the variable is not defined and i get NameError

so can anyone tell how to create list object from this class and then even edit it??

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if ok:
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if ok:
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Regarding your code, you should use self.append iso. Myclass.append.

See NameError in the docs. You’ll get that error if you refer to a variable using the wrong name. For example using the wrong class name (c = MyClass(1, 2, 3)) will generate that error.

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thx for help, it worked

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