OCSP response checking support for ssl library

I am doing a project where mutual OCSP checking (server checks clients and client checks servers) is mandatory. But I found that (correct me if I am wrong please) the built-in python ssl library doesn’t support OCSP checking. What is the reason for not adding this feature?

What should I do if I want to add the feature myself? I figure I will have to deal with the C-api and the original OpenSSL library written in C?

I know there is a pyOpenSSL library which supports the OCSP feature but I can’t use it directly as I also have to use the asyncio library which uses the ssl library for SSL/TLS underneath.

Please help me.

Pyopenssl works with the twisted async library and you can do OCSP with it.
I would expect you can use pyOpenSsl with asyn without ir blocking as well.

You will need to know a lot about openssl ocsp api to get this working.