October/November/December Steering Council update

We’ve just published the October, November and December steering council update for 2021, also included below:

Just as a reminder, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us or open an issue in the SC repo: GitHub - python/steering-council: Communications from the Steering Council

October 4

  • No regular meeting because of the Python 3.10 release. A subset of the SC
    had a call with the GitHub Issues PM to discuss progress, problems and
    possible solutions.

October 11

  • SC met with the Developer-in-Residence and provided feedback on the
    Developer-in-Residence activity blog
  • SC decided to keep 2020 dates for 2021 election.
  • SC discussed the draft about the SC’s position on the
    PEP 649 /
    PEP 563
    situation (stringified annotations) and provided feedback.
  • SC discussed whether or not they should extend their weekly meetings
    and/or do more async communications. They also decided that the SC should
    continue having meetings and working during the elections.

October 18

  • Steering Council met with the GitHub Issues PM for an update on the
    migration. Priority right now is getting a testing repo out to the core
    dev sprint and triagers by Wednesday.
  • SC reviewed PEP 663
    (Standardizing Enum str(), repr(), and format() behaviors) and potential
    PEP Delegates.
  • SC reviewed and discussed issues open on
    Issues · python/steering-council · GitHub

October 19

  • SC met with the Search Firm the PSF is using for the Executive Director
    search, to provide input on the search parameters, and suggest potential

October 25

  • Steering Council did a one hour Q&A recorded session with Visionary
    sponsor, Bloomberg.
  • Steering Council discussed PEP 649
    and PEP 563 (stringified annotations).
    The group may want to delegate this to Łukasz but will discuss this more
    next week.
  • The candidate PEP Delegate for PEP 663
    (Standardizing Enum str(), repr(), and format() behaviors) declined. The
    Steering Council will think of who else it can be delegated to, or take it
    on themselves.

November 1

November 8

November 15

  • The SC met with Ezio and got an update on what Ezio was working
    on. SC told Ezio not to be overly concerned with perfection and not to strive
    for it. The SC gave Ezio a deadline of Dec 7th to get everything migrated
  • The SC discussed a PR to the CPython repo regarding __iter__
    and iterators being inconsistently required by CPython
    (bpo-45250: fix docs regarding `__iter__` and iterators being inconsistently required by CPython by brettcannon · Pull Request #29170 · python/cpython · GitHub). The SC’s decision was to
    update the definitions to say it’s a CPython implementation detail that it is
    inconsistent in its checking whether what an iterable returns is a proper
    iterator or not (i.e. keep the __iter__ requirement but admit it isn’t
    rigorously enforced by CPython as a historical accident). Brett committed
    updates to the PR.
  • The SC discussed a pull request in the “python/voters”
    repository that allows core devs to trigger automerge behavior from labels
    and decided it is fine to merge.
  • Carol gave an update on the documentation WG: The WG is going to a series of
    1 hour monthly meetings and then do the rollout next year.
  • Barry updated the text for the PEP 663 rejection and sent it out to python-dev@.
  • Group reviewed text for “The current state of typing PEPs” (i.e. request for
    PEP 563 and 649) and Barry sent it to python-dev@.
  • The SC reviewed PEP 646 (Variadic Generics) and Barry sent the
    approval to the PEP team.
  • The SC discussed how notes will be taken after Ewa leaves.
  • The SC discussed PEP 518 (Specifying Minimum Build System
    Requirements for Python Projects) and how some folks are split on toml.

November 22

  • The SC met with Łukasz and received an update from Łukasz on
    his recent work. Additionally, the SC informed Łukasz he should work on
    upgrading the CLA process. Łukasz will reach out to Yury and Ezio.
  • The SC discussed Victor’s request to remove asynchat and
    friends prematurely. The SC decided that the removal of asynchat needs to
    wait another 6 months.
  • The SC discussed Ethan’s email to the SC asking about the re
    module and its RegexFlag.
  • The SC discussed the exception for Py_SET_TYPE request. Pablo
    will write a response to Petr request stating that the change needs to be
    rolled back in case there are any issues and they need to document any
    breakage in 3.11.
  • The SC discussed the various questions pertaining to the
    current state of typing PEPs. Thomas will draft a response to Chris and
    Paul’s questions and the group discussed Barry’s private conversation with a
    core dev about this as well.
  • The SC decided that it should be the 2022 SC that decides what
    happens to python-dev@.

November 29

  • The SC met with Ezio. The date to do the full migration has
    been pushed to mid-January. By Dec 7th, Ezio will put all issues into a test
    repo for python-dev to test and then the migration will happen when Steffen
    from GitHub returns from vacation in January.
  • The SC discussed PEP 659 - Specializing Adaptive
    and whether or not it
    should be a PEP. It was determined that the informational aspect of the writeup
    is lacking such as how trade-offs are decided. The SC also discussed how different
    companies working on Python should work especially in terms of transparency. For the
    time being there will be no communications about this to the PEP authors or
    the community as the SC wants to discuss this further. This discussion will
    continue with the new SC as well.

December 6

  • The Steering Council met with Łukasz to discuss his progress and also
    introduced Ee to the meeting since Ee will be taking PSF lead on supporting
    Łukasz going forward. Łukasz updated the team on CLA work, testing Irit’s PR
    for Exception Groups, adding a new triager, and giving a keynote at the PyCode
  • The Steering Council discussed the issue Jason
    deprecating importlib.resources legacy API. It was decided that Brett would
    respond to the comment stating that Jason is following policy and that the SC
    is satisfied, but that the larger discussion on changing the policy should
    happen on python-dev. The group also discussed how Python’s deprecation
    policy impacts users and library authors.
  • The group said their goodbyes on Ewa’s last day.

December 13

  • The Steering Council met with Ezio. There is no full import from BPO yet, but
    he will create one this week. The final migration is still tentatively
    scheduled for mid-January. Ezio will loop in Thomas on meetings with GitHub,
    which Ewa previously attended, or other SC members if Thomas can’t make it.
  • The SC prepared for a Talk Python podcast recording after the meeting.

December 13 (handoff meeting)

  • The old Steering Council and the New Steering Council met for the handoff
  • The SC discussed several aspects on how it has operated so far.
  • The SC received an updated from Thomas on the status on the search for a new
    PSF director.
  • The SC briefly reflected and discussed the diversity in the Steering
    Council and how to improve the situation in the future. This topic will be
    discussed further in the future.
  • The SC approved a request for a wording change in PEP 654 - Exception
  • The SC had an overview of unresolved issues: definition/rules for the
    standard library, split in communication channels and the situation regarding
    type annotations with PEP 563 and 649.
  • The new SC decided to use discord as a new communication channel.
  • The SC discussed the status on the GitHub issues migration and what to do
    next to push the work forward.

Regards from sunny Salamanca,
Pablo Galindo Salgado